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Dr. Raftari Clinic


Dr. Mahshid Raftari Beauty Clinic in Tehran is where elegance and expertise intertwine to create a realm of beauty and confidence. Led by a seasoned professional, the clinic provides a range of aesthetic services designed to enhance the natural allure of every individual. Here, clients experience a transformation that goes beyond physical appearance, boosting self-esteem and leaving them feeling truly refined.

99% Satisfaction Rate
+15 Years of Experience
IRAN (Tehran)

About Dr. Raftari Clinic

Dr. Mahshid Raftari Clinic, a maestro of hair transplantation with over 15 years of expertise in the field of hair and eyebrow restoration, proudly boasts specialized certifications from Germany, the United States, and Australia. Her journey has led to the establishment of one of Tehran’s premier hair transplant clinics, garnering a resounding 99% satisfaction rate among her clients.

Within Dr. Raftari clinic, a team of highly proficient and seasoned hair transplant specialists diligently wield their craft. They exhibit unparalleled proficiency in grafting, ensuring the utmost quality in record time. Hair transplants conducted at this center employ original German equipment, and the precious hair bank remains entirely unharmed.

The “FIT” method of natural hair transplantation, delivering the highest density and lifelong retention without any shedding, reigns as one of the world’s most sought-after procedures. This technique is meticulously practiced in Dr. Raftari’s facility, even in its German branch, promising unequivocal satisfaction in results. You, cherished individuals, are encouraged to reach out to us through the provided contact information to embark on your transformative journey.

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