Dr. Hadi Amali


Dr. Hadi Amali is a distinguished Iranian plastic surgeon, renowned for his expertise in facial and body-contouring cosmetic procedures. Dr. Amali is a highly sought-after practitioner, attracting patients from around the world. He is affiliated with AvaMedi Health Group and his reputation as a member of esteemed aesthetic plastic surgery societies in Canada, America, and Iran precedes him, solidifying his position as the preferred choice for those pursuing perfection.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
+19 Years of Experience
IRAN (Tehran)


Dr. Hadi Amali

Dr. Hadi Amali, the embodiment of modern excellence in cosmetic surgery, embarked on his remarkable journey in the field of medicine. He earned his medical doctorate from Babol University in 1998, marking the genesis of a truly remarkable career.

His quest for mastery in the art of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery led him to the hallowed halls of Kermanshah Medical University. There, he honed his skills, laying the foundation for a future filled with transformation and beauty.

In 2014, Dr. Amali’s dedication bore fruit as he was granted a degree in plastic surgery from Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, one of Iran’s most esteemed medical institutions. With this achievement, he solidified his status as a true luminary in the field.

Dr. Amali’s approach to his craft is deeply rooted in the belief that technological advancements can unlock the door to realizing his patients’ deepest desires. He understands that technology empowers plastic surgeons to offer a diverse range of services, allowing individuals the opportunity to look and feel their best. Driven by compassion, a strong work ethic, knowledge, expertise, passion, and patience, he embodies the quintessential traits of an exceptional doctor.

For Dr. Amali, establishing a genuine connection with his patients is paramount. He believes that fostering trust and understanding is pivotal in delivering high-quality care. Fluent in Farsi, English, and possessing a commendable command of Arabic, he extends his expertise to patients from around the world, ensuring that language is never a barrier to their pursuit of beauty.


As an active participant in national and international symposiums, Dr. Amali remains at the forefront of his field, consistently seeking the latest innovations in plastic surgery. His contributions extend beyond the operating room, as he has penned numerous articles in scholarly journals, sharing his knowledge and expertise with the global medical community.

One of Dr. Amali’s most remarkable achievements is his successful hand transplant surgeries, granting patients the ability to use their hands once more – a testament to his unwavering commitment to transforming lives.

Dr. Amali’s extensive repertoire of procedures encompasses a wide array of augmentation and plastic surgeries, including facial contouring, rhinoplasty, liposuction, tummy tucks, hip augmentation, and breast reconstruction. His impressive track record boasts over 4,000 Facial surgeries and 6,000 Tummy Tuck and liposuctions, as of 2023. The hallmark of his work lies in the natural-looking results he achieves and the appreciation he garners from his satisfied patients.

With +19 years of experience in the world of cosmetic surgery, Dr. Hadi Amali is a beacon of innovation, continuously seeking cutting-edge advancements to address his patients’ needs safely and efficiently. His unwavering dedication to the art of beauty has cemented his status as a pioneer in the field, and his journey of transformation continues to inspire individuals worldwide.

Dr. Hadi Amali


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